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Film Credits

Jack                                Tom Cruise
Lili                                Mia Sara
The Lord of Darkness                Tim Curry
Honeythorn Gump                     David Bennent
Blix                                Alice Playten
Screwball                           Billy Barty
Brown Tom                           Cork Hubbert
Oona                                Annabelle Lanyon
Pox                                 Peter O'Farrell
Blunder                             Kiran Shah
Nell                                Tina Martin
Meg Mucklebones                     Robert Picardo

Directed by                         Ridley Scott
Written by                          William Hjortsberg
Produced by                         Arnon Milchan
Music by                            Jerry Goldsmith/Tangerine Dream
Director of Photography             Alex Thomson, BSC
Production Designer                 Assheton Gorton
Make-up effects by                  Rob Bottin
Edited by                           Terry Rawlings
Special Effects Supervisor          Nick Allder
Costume Designer                    Charles Knode
Lyrics by                           John Bettis
Choreography                        Arlene Phillips