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Filmography of Mia Sara : : This page has a vast majority of information about other films Mia's been in. Includes links to pages of these films as well.

Mia Sara "Home Page/Web Site" : : Don't let the title fool you ; this is not Mia Sara's "Home Page", but rather just a regular web site with the author being a site designer for a Michael Covington. The site is well designed and even contains images I don't. This site would be my only real competition, if it were my intention to compete.

Mia Sara Picture Gallery : : This little page has a number of Mia Sara images - and thats it. I found the array effect whenever you want to view another picture rather annoying. It is also hard to see the links. But, this site does have pics I have not included in my site. (Mostly still-framed movie photos.)

Microsoft Cinemania - Mia Sara : : More info on Mia Sara's filmography than you can shake a stick at. No pics.

Mia Sara July 31 to August 31 TV Schedule : : Find out when you can see your favorite actress do her thing.

Starbuzz: Mia Sara : Even more info on Mia. No pics.

E!On-Line Fact Sheet-Mia Sara :,12,13919,00.html : You think you know all their is to know about Mia? Think again. This site contains facts, just like the link says.

Mia Sara - Picture Gallery, Links and News : : According to the Web Master of this sleezy "Nude Celeberty" site, the site contains 7 nude photos of Mia. I'm not sure if they are real, for I did not "pay" to view them. For all I know, they could be allaborate hoaxes ; and as far as the "Links and News" part goes - well, there aren't any at this site!(Unless you have to pay?)

Celeberty Photos On-Line : : This site is selling 2 photos of Mia. There is a brief description, but nothing letting you pre-view the photos for sale.